Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes 2010

Conference Proceedings

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The 12th international Blowing Agents & Foaming Processes conference was developed to once again showcase the latest academic and industrial research shaping the future for so many industry applications. 

Aside from the industries with a long established connection to polymeric foams, a growing market is being driven by the current economic climate.  End users are now sourcing innovative ways to keep costs down, identifying new materials, sources and material alternatives.  Foamed substrates often represent cost effective alternatives with the dual benefits of saving material and reducing weight - the latter minimising shipping and other related expenses.  As a result new applications have been made commercially viable by the ongoing improvements in the mechanical performance of foamed materials.

These proceedings cover all the presentations from the conference which include developments in chemical and physical foaming, new applications, novel processes, nano and standard substrates, particle foams as well as the industry's response to environmental legislation.

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