14 Dec 2010

iSmithers announced today the inclusion of more than 100 additional journals to the Rapra Polymer Library database. Nearly all the new journals are Open Access journals and the database now provides direct links to this full-text content.

The Polymer Library, the world's largest informational resource on polymers, plastics, rubber, adhesives, and composites - provides a deep level of indexing and will bring this to the Open Access journals as well.

"For more than three decades, the Polymer Library's role has been to collect and index polymer-related research from around the world. Considering the breadth and strength of the research now being published in Open Access journals, it has become increasingly important to include this in our database," said Carole Lee, Managing Director of iSmithers.

This is a major benefit to subscribers; they still have the advantage of quick, effective searching of an Abstracts and Index database with deep indexing, but now they also have direct links offering access to the original full-text at no further cost.

The increasing volume of Open Access research illustrates the changing nature of the information world and it's important that researchers, who are under pressure both in terms of time and cost, can have quick and easy access to content from a wide range of sources. This includes historical information, new content that is published through a more traditional route and now also information that is released through emerging Open Access paths.

The Polymer Library remains a highly focused resource selecting only polymer-related information, yet broadly covering this area from the science, through the technology of how scientific developments are applied to the business of polymers. By covering traditionally published content and open access material, subscribers can find a broad selection of polymer information all in one place.

"The nature of Open Access resources is bringing a whole new level of importance and value to Abstracts and Index databases like the Rapra Polymer Library. They are a very efficient and effective way to track down key information without being overloaded, but with the added benefit of access to full-text content when needed," added Lee.

For more information on the Rapra Polymer Library visit www.polymerlibrary.com or get in touch:
UK office - Katharine Smith - polymerlibrary@ismithers.net, +44 1939 252400
US office - Jack Bashian - jbashian@smithersmail.com, +1 330 762 7989.