Smithers Rapra courses can help you achieve an MSc in Polymer Engineering Design

As a result of Smithers Rapra's longstanding collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton's Department of Engineering and Technology in the School of Technology (STECH), many of our courses now provide a direct pathway to an MSc in Polymer Engineering Design.

Smithers Rapra's short courses have always provided high quality training for people working in the polymer industry and the diverse industry sectors that it supplies. Now attendance on these courses can count towards an MSc in Polymer Engineering Design, for those who wish to undertake further study and examination with the University of Wolverhampton .

The MSc will be achieved by completion of a programme of study which includes Smithers Rapra's courses, together with further study units provided by the University at it's Telford Campus, which has state of the art facilities for rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Intermediate Awards will also be available for those who do not wish to complete a full progamme of study to MSc., i.e. a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) or Postgraduate Diploma (PgD).

People wishing to make their short course study count towards the MSc in Polymer Engineering Design should contact Wolverhampton University to register for the MSc programme.

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There will also be intermediate awards for people not wishing to complete a full programme of study to MSc., i.e a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) and a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD).

Smithers Rapra Short Courses

Of course it is still possible to attend any of Smithers Rapra's courses as a 'stand alone' short course; however, if you decide at a later stage that you do want to go on and obtain a formal qualification, your previous attendance can still count towards your MSc.

Enroll for a short course through Smithers Rapra - see our full programme of short courses:

The Smithers Rapra courses that contribute to an MSc in Polymer Engineering Design:

Each of the courses below can be taken as a 2-day 'stand alone' short course, or, for people wishing to enroll for the MSc and undertake further study and examination with Wolverhampton University, attendance can count towards an MSc in Polymer Engineering Design.

Full short course information and registration on each short course via the relevant course link below:

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